The Audio Bio (Digital LP)


The Audio Bio (Digital LP)

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The Audio Bio is a Perfect Mixture of Smooth Singing vocals with Gritty & Aggressive Rap Vocals yet they still compliment the songs in perfect structure ... with a great blend of that classic 90's feel & bounce, great tones & groovy percussion along beautiful instruments & melodies ...

credits :

Album Art By - The DoppelGangaz
Photography By - Oak Grove HighSchool
Recorded & Preformed by - Thonio
Featured Artist - NaeHollowz, Marc Bishop & EP
Album Mixed By - The DoppelGangaz
Producers - The DoppelGangaz, SixSGMA & SoleDaD Brother
Album Mastered by - Tenthtiermedia
The Audio Bio Executive Produced by - Thonio & The DoppelGangaz for Skitzso Society Inc. LLC/Groggy Pack Ent. LLC